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Whack Your Ex Review
Posted by: MaximuSR, 2015-12-07, 13:34 - 0 comments

If you're a fan of flash games, then you must have heard of the popular Whack Your Ex flash game. It's a very popular game available on flash game sites and it has a high rating of 85% on, with up to 82 thousand votes by users and players from around the world.

Whack Your Ex is specially designed to make you feel better if you were dumped recently or if you have gone through a bad breakup. This hilarious flash game lets you whack your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend by using some satisfying and violent methods. It's like free therapy as the game will let you relax and let out some frustration without actually hurting someone around you.

The game is simple as all you need to do is click on the items lying around to activate them. There are two characters present on the screen. One of them is a boy, while the other is a girl. Clicking on the items lying on the ground will make them destroy each other in a creative and funny way. There are plenty of options for both so you can whack your ex until you feel good. This flash game not only lets you take out your frustration on your ex, but it is also going to cheer you up with its funny and creative whacking ways and comical graphics and sound effects. It does sound ridiculous, but it can work if you give it a try.

Gameplay of Whack Your Ex

It's a simple flash game in which two characters are present on the screen. Apart from these characters, there are at least seventeen completely random items lying around them. You can try and guess what clicking on these items does, but you'll be in for a surprise or two.

If you're trying to get over your ex-girlfriend, the most effective way to let out your frustration is by clicking on the laptop lying on the floor. Once you do that, the male character present on the screen picks it up and beats the ex-girlfriend with it. It may be a violent and gory scene, but if you're not scared too easily, it'll give you some relaxation and maybe even make you laugh.

There are other hilarious ways of whacking your ex, such as by clicking on the birthday cap that will bring out a giant monkey. This monkey will hand over some balloons to the ex-girlfriend who'll be happy, but soon she'll be lifted by the balloon and into the sky as you watch on. Afterwards, she'll fall and die and as the name of the game says "whack your ex", you'll get to whack your ex. There are plenty of other ways to whack your ex that you can discover by playing the game and each one of them is hilarious.

There are several ways to whack the ex-boyfriend as well if that's what you're looking for. You can try clicking on the credit card as it lets the girl present on the screen shop for fancy items including a sports car. When the guy finds out, he's rammed by the girl using the new sports car she just purchased. You can also try more conventional methods such as beating up the ex-boyfriend using a pair of boxing gloves or blowing him up using a rocket launcher. All these ways to whack your ex will crack you up and make you feel better as you make your way through the game. You can also drop a huge shark on his head and enjoy as he screams in agony. These are just a few of the ways to whack your ex, and there are tons more to be enjoyed while playing the game.


Whack Your Ex is a flash game with a very clear objective, which is evident by its name. It has no difficulty levels or point scoring system. All you have to do is play the game, whack your ex and enjoy doing it. It can be a great way to let out some frustration without harming yourself or those around you.

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